The Lumberjack

A lumberjack once headed out into the woods to begin his day's work. He started chopping a tree and had it down in 20 minutes. The next tree took half an hour, and the third took 45 minutes of chopping. After an hour of labor at the next tree, a child playing in the forest asked him why he didn't stop and sharpen his axe.

"No time," the Lumberjack replied breathlessly. "Too busy choppping!"

OmInvasion’s Workplace Yoga program is a way to show your employees how much you value their contributions while benefiting your bottom line. Give your employees the time and tools the need to sharpen ther axes for a happier, more productive workforce and a more satisfied and loyal customer base. Evidence-based research shows that workers who practice yoga experience:

- Increased concentration
- Greater physical stamina
- Better stress management
- Improved communication
- Higher resistance to illness (stress is linked to 99% of all illness)
- Increased productivity

The practice of yoga does more than loosen and strengthen our bodies—it provides ongoing instruction in the art of handling challenges with grace and poise.

For as little as $350 per month, we’ll teach weekly yoga to an unlimited number of your staff before, during, or after work hours, providing mats free of charge. Since every workplace is different, we will work with you to craft a program that meets your group’s needs and budgetary constraints. We can also create job-specific classes to minimize stress and injury from repetitive movement patterns, and non-physical stress-management instruction is also available. We can add a valuable benefit to your seminars, conferences, and retreats. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Part of the profits from OmInvasion Workplace Yoga fund OmInvasion's "Be the Change" Program, teaching yoga, ethics, and coping skills to at-risk populations, addiction recovery centers, and youth and adult correctional facilities in Oregon and nationwide.