"Truth is One, Paths are Many"

Join us at the Great Vow Monastery for the 24-hour chant for peace.
Jean-Pierre and friends will be leading the Kundalini Yoga "Mul Mantra" from 8pm-9pm, Aug 2
79640 Quincy Mayger Rd, Clatskanie, OR 97016

Next workshop:
Oct at Mandala Yoga, co-teaching with Signa Cheney, stay tuned!

Second Saturdays
Kirtan! w/ Jean-Pierre and friends
7-8:30pm, Rotating Local Studios:

Kirtan is a fun and deeply connecting call-and-response chanting in a variety of spiritual languages that’s simultaneously irreverently fun and deeply spiritual, fostering sweet inner stillness, playful curiosity, community, and sense expansion. Open your voice and open your heart!

By donation, 25% to charity. Kombucha on Tap donated by SOMA Evolutionary Refreshment (jp's company).

Class Descriptions:

Vinyasa -

A flowing class of breath-linked movement that draws from a myriad of traditions and explores varying themes and intentions. A vigorous and alignment-based practice that leaves room for personal exploration and transformation.
Rise & Shine Kundalini -
Roll out of bed and stumble into this gentle-yet-invigorating kundalini and hatha-inspired flow and you'll forget you’ve ever been tired! Prana-Pumping, Cell-Nourishing, Joint-Lubricating and Toxin-Releasing; using the most effective and untamed ancient wisdoms this class’ll help you be who you were meant to be!
Kundalini -
Kundalini Yoga is simply a technology to rid ourselves of past resentments, guilts, and fears, re-wiring habit patterns that no longer serve us so we be truly happy.  It works very quickly to create real change by focusing on deeper systems of the body than most yoga classes, while still providing a full-body workout.  Uplifting meditations, breathwork, and chanting act as a fun and potent cleanser so you can shine bright and feel light!  Each class is different, and while they move slightly faster than a traditional yoga class, no experience in yoga in necessary.  

Bhakti Flow - 
Peel off the world to reveal your radiant inner self.  Flowing movements, bliss-inducing breathing, and uplifting meditations inspired by the viniyoga, kundalini, and ashtanga traditions connect you to the effulgence of love that underlies all creation, present company not excepted.  You'll leave refreshed, harmonized and buoyant in body, mind, heart, and spirit.
Pranayama and Dynamic Meditation - 
Awaken and Vitalize with yogic breathing, moving, and focusing techniques from the Kriya, Vipassana, Kundalini, and Bhakti traditions. In this gentle, fun, and nurturing hour, you'll harness and direct Prana - life force energy - to the things that are most important to you. Quiet the mind, open the heart, and create an everyday experience that reflects your innermost self.
Integrative Hatha - 
A gentle yet potent invitation to focus, surrender, balance, and embody grace. A physically, mentally, and emotionally releasing and transformative practice, centered on the classical and scientific teachings of Yoga. In this class you will experience breath and body, light and matter; and a meeting place of joy, a sense of adventure, play, and self-love.
Pranayama, Mantra and random acts of Kirtan - 
A fun and transformational workshop on pranayama and mantra the way I was taught in the Himalayan mountains of India. Learn potent breathing and mantra techniques you can apply to your regular yoga practice, or stand-alone practices to bring more wellness, mental clarity, peace, and joy to your daily life. We'll end with a little bit of joyous call-and-response chanting - open your mouth and open your heart!