Be The Change

OmInvasion's "Be the Change" Program teaches yoga, ethics, and coping skills to at-risk populations, addiction recovery centers, and youth and adult correctional facilities in Oregon and nationwide. While learning how to create long-term physical wellness, students are taught specific techniques to engender rapid physiological changes they can pull out any time they're needed, like when tempers flare or a reason-crippling craving for drugs or alcohol. Yoga provides an opportunity to “practice” life skills – staying calm in a dificult situation, finding the balance between discipline and compassion, acting with integrity.

"Be the Change" brings the ancient and powerful transformative science of yoga to the streets and where it’s needed most. Like an enzyme that targets specific substances, yoga disolves impurities in our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits in the form of destructive addictions to foods, relationships, thought patterns and habits. It does this by looking at the seeds of unhealthy habits within the safety and self-awareness of the practice, allowing us, over time, to pinch them as they bud, stopping them before they grow roots.

Yoga has always put practicality and observable results before glamor and sexiness; by definition if something isn't creating quantifiable positive effects, it isn't yoga. Fitness, flexibility, wellness, strength, inner peace - all of these and more come naturally as a result of the practice - we needn't ever be concerned with them. The real work of yoga is stretching the boundaries of who we think we are and what we think we're capable of.