November 28, 2012

November Love

Pushkar Lake
"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." Helen Keller
Hey all, hope you've had a wonderful holiday and the reminder to give thanks lasts until the next time around. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know about a couple of yogi goodies I'm offering in the next couple of weeks.
If you don't know about the Divine Remembrance Yoga Adventure in Pushkar, India in March 2013, well now you do. More info on my website and on the facebook page but suffice it to say that we'll be heading to one of the world's holiest places to have a week of adventure, reflection, fun, and transformation for the Holy Day of Shiva. If you did know about it, my apologies for not sending out the promised reminder before the price went up in Nov, so to be fair I'm extending the early price a couple more weeks until Dec 7, the day after my birthday. The best present you can give me might be the best you can give yourself - the knowledge that we'll be adventuring together in both India and our vast potential to remember our true divine nature.
Also - if you're planning on coming but haven't paid your deposit (half the total price) please do that to hold your spot.
Secondly, I've made some chances to my teaching schedule, which can be seen You may notice that I'm teaching a little less to focus more on SOMA, mybook, and a few other projects but in response for many of your requests for more workshops, I'm excited for new opportunities to explore with you the many-faceted jewel of yoga. At the beautiful Mandala Yoga at SE 69th and Belmont, I'll be offering Saturday Morning "PlayShops" - teaching three classes in a row...
7:45-8:45am - Pranayama & Dynamic Meditation
9-10:15am - Kundalini
11-12:15pm - Integrative Hatha
...and while each class is a complete stand-alone practice, they will all flow together to deepen your understanding of what you're already doing so the fundamentals can be applied consciously to create the life you want, as well as offering new meeting grounds for practice and philosophy, inner genius-inspired movement, inner focus and ecstatic love-expansion. Each week, a unifying theme or focus will connect all three classes, which will be the price of two whether drop-in, punch-card, or monthly membership.
Thanks so much for reading, hope to see you soon on and off the mat. Haribol, Jean-Pierre
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